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Michelle’s is a true story of overcoming. She has fought her way through obstacles and trials and built a life of faith and freedom.

She became a mom at the young age of 16. By 21 she was divorced with two small children. After 6 years of being a single mom, the family of three grew when Michelle met the love of her life, Bobby.

In 2003 Michelle began her network marketing career. She quickly found a solution to her ambition and passion in the profession. She has built teams into the tens of thousands. She has worked as part of the corporate team for a network marketing company, as a field trainer and on the marketing team. In 2010 Bobby and Michelle Co-Founded their own network marketing company. Michelle served as Co-Founder and President but that dream ended in late 2012.

The result of this loss forced them to start all over again, one more time. With nothing left but faith and hope, they built their business from scratch into a seven-figure income. Her faith is strong and has carried her through the trials she has faced.

Souled Out Entrepreneur was born from her passion to teach and train the profession she loves; and do it totally unfiltered, sharing her faith boldly as part of her story. She hopes to plant and water seeds of faith, share the trials and obstacles she has endured and overcome and teach the strategies and techniques that have created financial freedom for her family.

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